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Extend the Life of Your Clothing

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

July 19, 2019, Evelina Utterdahl, from posted another great article ("How to Mke Your Clothes Last Longer") about how to extend the life of your clothing. I found these tips to be true game-changers. You can read her at the site listed above. I'll list her main points below:

1.Small Garment repairs can be done by hand, if you lack the skill you can take it to your local seamstress/tailor. Another option is DIY. The internet is full of "How To" instructionals that will save you time and money.

2. Research Visible Repair ideas- this was born from the Japanese art of sashiko (decorative art of functional reinforcement of clothing). This type of mending transforms rips/tears/mistakes into works of art.

3. Repair ASAP, damages will on get worse with time.

4. Invest in a pilling removal device or remove pilling with a razor

5. Re-dye your clothes that have become faded.

6.Cover stains instead of throwing the garment away.

7.Snip Loose strings ASAP, DO NOT PULL THE STRINGS, this can cause unraveling

8. Repurpose old clothing items. For example- transform pants into shorts. You can take a dress to the tailor and have her turn the item into a shirt/skirt set.

9. Spot clean/Wash clothing in cold water.

10. Liquid laundry detergent is more forgiving to fabrics. Always read the guidelines on the label. Wash your items inside out at a lower spin cycle with other items of the same color, Air dry.

12.Use delicate bags for sensitive items (for example lace undergarments).

13.Hang or fold to the seam of the garment

14. Steamers are gentler than irons. Invest in good hangers, thin wire hangers can cause the shoulder area of a garment to become misshapen.

15. Fold your knits, the weight of knitted items can cause the item to lose its shape.

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