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What I Wore While M.I.A

This is a collective smorgasbord of things I have worn over the last two weeks. I have been M.I.A. not by choice. As a nightshift RN, mom, and wife I have to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For every one night I work it takes 2 days for me to recover, one full day of rest, and one full day of catching up on errands. Blogging is a hobby that I love but is time-consuming. It must be in order to produce quality content. I don't create if I am mentally exhausted or if my family has needs that are unmet. I will simply gather material and save it for later when I am able to create. Per request, I will post where you can find like items. I apologize for the quality of my pictures, iPhone has been letting me down lol. If my blog grows I will invest appropriately but for now, it's an artistic release and a way for me to help spread God's Kingdom even if it is through fashion!!

Marvel Sweater- Walmart available on the website or in-store

Head Scarf-Actually was purchased as a satchel from LUSH but you can use any scarf you like.

Sunnies-* Splurge Alert* Gucci, a gift to myself after returning from NYC

Sequins High waisted Midi Skirt-Zara-currently sold online, can find on the resale market

Silvertoe Air Jordan OG 1- *Splurge Alert* Early BDay Gift to Myself-StockX

Vintage circa 2000s Coach armpit bag- Gifted to me by family

Hat- Francesca's located inside the Acadiana Mall, can also be found online. I have tagged the style in other OOTD blog posts

Oversized Sweater Vest-H&M

Satin Dalmation Print Shirt Dress-Zara, sold out but many variations are available. May be able to find it on the resale market.

Thick black tights- Cannot remember, but you can find these anywhere. Very affordable.

Jadon Platform Dr. Martens-*Splurge Alert* - Journey's, I sold a few things to buy these and they are worth it! There are many replicated styles available at all price points. Check out ASOS, the resale sites, JCPenney, and Zara has boots on clearance.

Straw Hat-Francesca's in-store, also available online. Comment for exact style.

Sunnies- my own personal boutique inventory. Comment for more details.

Army Green Kimono, Palm tree T-shirt, Pants - Old season H&M. No longer available but similar style are. Comment for more details.

Brahmin Bag- from my personal collection, no longer available recently sold on Poshmark.

Black Gucci-inspired backless loafers (Not pictured)- Zara, no longer available but similar are on clearance.

Gold chain belt-Zara

Hat-Target-similar styles are available

Vintage Velvet Mini dress- Thrifted, can easily find in abundance at a local thrift store.

Textured Oversized Blazer- Grandma's Closet.

Color-blocked leather boots- Zara, no longer available. Comment a request for a similar style and price point, and I will do my best to find it for you.

Straw Bucket Hat-Target, available now in-store and online.

Mr.T. Vintage Shirt-Ebay Mystery Box

Kimono-Zara Patchwork Kimono comes with amazing matching pants, limited edition GET IT NOW because when it's gone it's gone.

Distressed High waisted Midi Shorts- Old American Eagle, similar pair available online.

Snake Print Platforms- Zara, no longer available. Comment for help on finding similar styles.

Dooney and Bourke All-weather leather crossbody bag- (Not pictured)-thrifted.

Wide Brim Hat-Buckle

Brown Blazer-Old Zara, purchased on resale market, similar styles are available. Budget Option, check the Men's Section in thrift stores! Great quality with perfect prices.

Ribbed BodySuit-Zara, available. Budget Option, recently seen ribbed bodysuits at Walmart in basic colors.

Staud Mini Shirley hand- snagged at a great steal.

Sleeper Party Pajama Feathered Bottom- *Splurge Alert*- Daily Sleeper on clearance with extra 20% off.

Capped Toe Beige Slingbacks- Express, available now.

Leather Western Hat- Vintage Find

Khaki Blazer- Old Zara currently not available, similar styles are.

Army Green Slip Dress-Old Zara, sold out but similar styles are available

Tapestry Handbag- Thrift store

Boots- Knee High Gia Couture-inspired rubber boots in army green from Zara.

Hat - same as listed above

Wool Blazer- Men's section thrift store, currently on sale on my Poshmark Account.

Vintage Blouse- Vintage Store, currently on sale in my Poshmark Account

High-waisted Corduroy Boyfriend Trousers- old H&M, currently selling on Poshmark

Scalloped Hat- Lack of Colors replica, found at Francesca's in- store and online.

Ruffled Cottagecore Dress- Maven located at River Ranch, available currently

Loafers-*Splurge Alert*-Yarrow Fringe Pump by Kate Spade. Gucci Mamont loafer dupe.From Saks 5th Avenue online.

Hat- Francesca's in-store

Blazer- Old Zara, no longer available, but similar styles are.

Mickey Mouse Graphic Tshirt-Old H&M

High-waisted Khaki Skirt- Old Zara, similar styles available

Handbag- Christian Sirrano for Payless, no longer available

Jadon Platform Boots, Dr. Marten-Journey's

Hat-Vintage Store- as listed above

Brown Suit- Old Zara, similar burgundy style is available

Graphic Tshirt-Target

Boots- Calf Hair Giraffe Print Ralph Lauren, thrifted from

Brooch- Grandma

Red Michael Kors Weave crossbody- Dillards

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