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The Language 

Fashion is a language we use to communicate without having to say a word. It is how we stand together and how we set ourselves apart. 

Woman Walking with Blue Shoes
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Self-Care Awareness

Burnout; an official clinical syndrome (WHO). It is characterized by physical/emotional exhaustion and chronically stressful lifestyles....

Essential Alert

Black cap toe beige pumps, essential item for your capsule wardrobe. This particular pair are from Express. I definitely will splurge and...

2021 Trends to Try

I preach heavily on investing in essential items and encourage experimenting with trends that ignite your interest. H&M will be releasing...

So I Went to H&M

I had to pick up a few items from my tailor on the way home from work. I stopped by one of my favorite retailers H&M. I am not in need of...

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